Business Owners Sell When It's Too Late

It's true. The majority of business owners whom we deal with are already on the decline and there is nothing we can do to stop it. They falsely assume that their business can be valued when it was at it's peak - WRONG! Neither business buyers or lenders care what it did at its best - they want to see what it is doing now. And in too many cases now is too late.

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Business Owners Unintentionally Sabotage Their Own Business

Another sad truth. The majority of business owners do not understand how critical it is to remain quiet about their interest in selling. They tell a friend, or an employee maybe even a customer. Then WHAM unbeknownst to them (at least at first) the word spreads and the business begins to suffer ultimately resulting in them selling when it's too late.

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Your Friends at NAABB Provide You This FREE Online Coaching

for Dirigo Business Group of Maine

THE BRAND POWER: We have over 120 NAABB Certified Brokers and Agents across 36 USA States. We reach places that the others cannot. All NAABB Broker Owners have completed the industry's most comprehensive training program that includes ongoing training and support. We know what works now! Our nationally renowned philosophy of business owner representation rather "listing" is slowly turning an industry with a negative stigma into an industry that can once again be trusted. Our goal is not to be the biggest OR the best. No, our goal is for 100% of our clients to walk away wanting to brag about what a great job that we did!

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